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Crandall Engineering+Design offers services ranging from specialty services such as stress analysis and setting up a preventative/predictive maintenance program to a complete architectural and engineering design by a registered professional engineer.

Physical & Capital Needs Assessments

We have an extensive background in Physical & Capital Needs Assessments (PNA & CNA).  We have conducted assessments for RD, HUD, LIHTC, State tax credit, and senior properties nation-wide.

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ADA & UFAS Studies


Our office can provide accessibility analysis for all renovations, remodelings, and rehabilitations. We are qualified to conduct Section 504, transition & recovery plans nation-wide.

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Multi-Family Housing Rehabilitations

We have experience in the design of multi-family structures such as wood frame single story, mid level requiring steel and wood frame, to high-rise requireing all steel and sprinkler systems throughout the United States.

Historical Building Structural Evaluations & Remediation Plans

We provide structural inspection and remediation plans for damaged and historic buildings nation-wide. Related services include removal of load bearing walls, analysis of existing trusses or floor beams, redesign of trusses, adding windows or door openings, and verifying structural strength.

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Commercial & Residential


We design commercial buildings, Types I, II, III, and IV construction per the International Building Code and state codes as determined by the building occupancy type and complying with ADA requirements for public accessibility. We provide Green sustainable design using LEED criteria.

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More Projects

​We offer experience with many other types of projects. In addition to the services described here, a sample of recent building design projects includes churches, office buildings, warehouses, a food processing plant, fire stations, school buildings, city municipal buildings, community service buildings, residential homes, and more.  Allow Crandall Engineering+Design to help with any and all design needs.


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