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Who We Are

Lisa Crandall
MSME, PE, Owner

Lisa Crandall is the Principal-in-Charge and Owner of Crandall Engineering+Design which strives to use the dreams, vision, needs, goals, and budget of the client to create a unique solution that reflects the client's personality and style. Crandall Engineering+Design became incorporated in 2002 after growing the company since 1997.

Lisa Crandall graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  She has since amassed over 30 years of professional engineering experience and is equipped with the knowledge and resources to successfully meet the needs of each client.

With current licenses in 26 states and eligibility in all others, Crandall is qualified to meet the needs of clients across the country.


Our Firm


Project management is a team concept. Lisa Crandall, PE, is the Principal-in-Charge. Caleb Crandall is our Project Manager including project administration and scheduling. Crandall Engineering's approach and philosophy to project management is to coordinate and manage the process of design and keep the Customer/Owner informed at all times. A unified team approach involves each member clearly understanding his or her role and the deliverable expectations. Each client and project is unique and has different needs. We will work with you to tailor our roles and deliverables to your specifications. If consultants are involved in the project, Crandall Engineering will manage their roles and responsibilities. Crandall Engineering will coordinate all information, meeting times, and deliverables to the Customer/Owner.

We believe in the team approach to design and problem-solving. Only by receiving candid statements of the goals for a project from all interested and affected parties can the design team propose solutions that satisfy the multiple goals. The process of open communications in concentrated work sessions facilitates effective interaction between the design team and the affected parties. The concepts and design proposals will be presented in several different formats during the feasibility study process. The goal will always be to convey ideas most clearly. A variety of media can be used, such as sketches, models, and website information.

The Crandall Engineering+Design team includes individuals skilled in both engineering and architecture.  No matter the project, our team is uniquely qualified to provide excellent service and superior results.


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